Everything you wanted to know about Ricci but were afraid to ask.

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Everything you wanted to know about Ricci but were afraid to ask.

Post  JoeC (McGruff) on Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:06 pm

Back in June member Eng Safety manger posted a piece on Ricci : http://joeslegalforum.forumotion.net/current-issues-f21/white-ct-firefighters-prevail-t179.htm
As you can see the case bought out some passion on both sides. Unlike sites such as LLT run by the Nazi cbg these passions are welcomed. For those that are interested in getting a real education on the case and even a chance to add their opinion Mike Zimmer (Loyola-Chicago) has set up an area on a blog know as Concurring Opinions.

Concurring Opinions is a group blog with a broad emphasis on legal topics. It is run by Concurring Opinions, LLC, a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company. Concurring Opinions regularly publishes contributions from blog members as well as guest bloggers. Zimmers section is very well run with links to position papers he has crafted. It is well worth the read for anyone that has an interest in Title VII litigation, and the effects of Ricci. http://www.concurringopinions.com/archives/author/michael-zimmer
JoeC (McGruff)
JoeC (McGruff)
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