cbg type judge gets knocked dafugout!

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cbg type judge gets knocked dafugout!

Post  JoeC (McGruff) on Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:58 pm

Sphincters like the Nazi cbg (moderator of laborlawtalk.com) are all to common and even at times reach the bench. Unlike the frustrated unemployed H.R wannabee cbg, this sphincter was really a judge!
Judge Judith Raub Eiler who sits on the King County District court learned the hard way that judicial bullies may thrive on television (like Judge Judy), or on the internet like the Nazi cbg but they have no place in real courts of law. Just as loser like cbg run rampant on the Internet bullying societies down trodden with her use locking posts and banning posters this Judge used her position on the bench to slap down pro-se litigants and those unfamiliar with the court to beat down.

The Washington Supreme Court made a ruling this month that Judge Eiler had violated the state's judicial canons for cbg type behavior. But, the punishment ultimately handed down was much less than initially recommended. The disciplinary counsel who originally brought the case urged the commission to remove Judge Eiler from the bench permanently. The commission instead recommended that she be suspended for 90 days without pay. The Washington Supreme Court knocked it down to five days. The word is clear there is no place for cbg type behavior when it comes to the law.
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Re: cbg type judge gets knocked dafugout!

Post  WrkHorse on Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:18 pm

Absolutely agree, I don't care for Judge Judy and this judge seems to be her clone. Bullying is a topic of importance lately and should not be allowed anywhere, most certainly not in the court system by a judge. Unprofessional behavior should be punished more severely, the original 90 day suspension should have stood.


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