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New FMLA Insights Blog. Empty New FMLA Insights Blog.

Post  JoeC (McGruff) on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:14 pm

Jeff Nowak, a partner at Franczek Radelet, P.C., has just started the FMLA Insights blog, the goal is to highlight significant FMLA cases and developments it also explores common FMLA questions and scenarios. Although designed for employers the blog appears both balanced and informative this can be seen by one of their first posts regarding the DOL interpretation of in loco parentis.

I believe the blog will be a valuable resource for any one that researches labor and employment law. It is very useful in thwarting bunk laid out by the Nazi cbg at Posters can post to the articles as well however it does not appear to be a legal advice site.
JoeC (McGruff)
JoeC (McGruff)
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