Cathy Bannon fighting for fast food at Cathie's Corner sham blog.

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Cathy Bannon fighting for fast food at Cathie's Corner sham blog.

Post  JoeC (McGruff) on Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:57 pm

Have you ever gone through the drive through, and not got the right order? Have you ever been delayed at a fast food joint? What do you do when these irritants occur?

The Nazi cbg has a blog known as Cathie's Corner if you are a psychology major it’s a great place, the bitch is a Freudian delight she’s crawling with clues. If you are in H.R it’s a great place to expose a fraud. It is a sham blog run by the Alexander Hamilton institute. It earns it's rightful place in the sham sites forum.

Hers a little preview of what the Nazi cbg did when confronted with the question on a food order :

Not long ago, I went into a well-known fast food chain restaurant. Although there were no customers ahead of me, it was nearly 10 minutes before my order was taken and it was almost another 15 minutes before it was filled. (Fast food? I don't think so!) Another customer sent his brother out with drinks to the family members waiting in the car with the message, "Tell them I'll be another half hour." I left swearing I would never go to that particular location again.
I was annoyed enough to contact their corporate headquarters online in the "Talk to Us" section of their website. I did this 9:30 Sunday night. By the middle of that week, I received in the mail a personalized written apology and gift certificates. While I haven't decided if I'm going to use the gift certificates or not, I was impressed with the way they handled my complaint, and particularly with the timing of their response (it was postmarked 3 p.m. Tuesday)...If someone working in the restaurant that night had apologized to me directly and explained the delay, I might not have gone as far as complaining online. I also would have appreciated it if someone had told me what they were doing to try to resolve the delay. That could have made my 25-minute wait more tolerable.

Now your cable, or phone service going out I can see complaining to customer service, because you could maybe whack two weeks or even a month off your next monthly bill. But a cheeseburger – what are we talking about here two bucks?

Reading her rant the Nazi believes she was talking directly to corporate executives on the internet “Talk to Us" section” - nope those dudes are in India or the Philippines some place making less than the guy that got your order late moron!

In the Nazis cbg’s world where she pretends to have been in H.R it is even funnier, she ties her traumatic experience of the half hour hamburger in to, “how those of us in H.R can learn a lesson from all this and keep open the lines of communication”

I want some real H.R people to check out this sham site, everyone else it is entertaining because we all know that cbg has never, will never,can never hold a position in H.R so its funny as hell to watch her write this garbage knowing her back ground. When reading Cathie's Corner always keep in mind that that cbg has never, will never, can never hold a position in H.R, that she gets what little work she can through temp agencies some so menial as custodian at a little league batting cage.

Maybe she saw a promotional opportunity at the fast food joint and tried to pass off her résumé, if that’s the case the fast food joint made out on the deal handing over those free burgers.

Well I’m going to keep an eye on that blog and post some of the humorous antics here.
BATTER UP, cbg you missed a spot!
JoeC (McGruff)
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