Dynamite! State legislation baring a favorite tool of union busters.

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Dynamite! State legislation baring a favorite tool of union busters.

Post  JoeC (McGruff) on Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:57 pm

Oregon legislature has passed a bill that would prohibit captive audience speeches. The bill still must be signed by the governor, and it is quite likely that courts would find the bill preempted by the National Labor Relations Act.

The bill prohibits:
An employer or the employer's agent, representative or designee may not discharge, discipline or otherwise penalize or threaten to discharge, discipline or otherwise penalize or take any adverse employment action against an employee:
(a) Who declines to attend or participate in an employer-sponsored meeting or communication with the employer or the agent, representative or designee of the employer if the primary purpose of the meeting or communication is to communicate the opinion of the employer about religious or political matters;
and political matters:
includes political party affiliation, campaigns for legislation or candidates for political office and the decision to join, not join, support or not support any lawful political or constituent group or activity.
And to round it out, constituent group or activity, includes:
but is not limited to, civic associations, community groups, social clubs and mutual benefit alliances, including labor organizations.

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